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Duck Race in Mill Creek
Seventh Annual Duck Race Labor Day Weekend 2013!  

The Schroon Lake Association will be selling ducks again this year!  Money from the sale of ducks is used to help fund our lake studies, and our fights against purple loosestrife and milfoil.  Be sure to enter the 2014 Duck Race which will be run on Sunday, August 31st at 2 PM.  Buy a duck this year and help support the Schroon Lake Association!  For more information call 518-532-0202.

Were you there for the 2013 Annual Duck Race?  It was an exciting event as the ducks were launched in Mill Creek!  Onlookers lined the banks of Mill Creek to watch the ducks as first one and then the other took the lead.  The "duck herders" followed at the end keeping all the ducks moving through the snags and eddies .  This made the race more exciting as the snagged ducks were freed to zoom ahead.  Cheering and shouts could be heard along the bank.  Nothing was certain until the end when all the ducks finally made it to the finish line at the edge of the lake.

Schroon Lake Duck Race

On Labor Day 2012 three hundred and seventy-five ducks were released into Mill Creek opposite Stewarts for the 4th Annual Duck Race.  The ducks raced quickly to the finish with lots of cheering from along the sidelines.

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